Incredible Hulk (v1) #190 Cover
Incredible Hulk (v1) #190
Publisher: Marvel Comics
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"The Man Who Came Down on a Rainbow!" Written by Len Wein. Pencils by Herb Trimpe. Inks by Marie Severin. Even in the wastelands of Siberia, the Hulk can find no peace. In the last week he has been attacked time and again without provocation, first by the mad genius Gremlin, then by the mindless minions of the Mole Man. Now, the Russian Army wants him destroyed. Just when the green goliath gives up hope, he is visited by a golden stranger who comes to him on the rays of a rainbow. Glorian shows the Hulk a world where he is accepted and can live in peace. But, what is this golden stranger's connection to the Shaper of Worlds (last seen in Incredible Hulk #155)?