It’s the Grawlix Podcast’s 6th anniversary! Can you believe it? 6 years of comic book chat, Doctor Who complaints, TV talk, movie musings, and random banter. In other words, it’s all pizza.

To celebrate this milestone we decided to play a game. A role-playing game! But hey, you might say, you’ve already played a role-playing game on the show for the 2018 Halloween Special. Yeah, but this time we’ve got a new dungeon master. The DM is a ROBOT! Machine learning AI, actually.

In this episode, we have a blast playing through a game of AI Dungeon 2, a machine learning AI-driven role-playing game. Every game of AI Dungeon 2 plays out like an interactive story where each storyline is totally unique… and also wacky. Also, sometimes disturbing.

Is this just a strange tale of time-traveling podcasters, doppelgangers, and alien clones? Or is this the actual future and ultimate fate of The Grawlix Podcast as predicted by artificial intelligence? Yes! Enjoy!

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