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The Grawlix Podcast is a comic book, webcomic, and nerd culture podcast hosted by Jesse Kiefer, Melanie Crawford and Randal Silvey.  We love to talk comics and Doctor Who and the podcast is an opportunity to do so on the regular as well as a great excuse to read new comics.  We also extend the conversation beyond ourselves to include reading suggestions, questions, and input from listeners and feature interviews with guests including comic creators and others working in our favorite nerdy industries.

Grawlix Cinematic Universe

GCU is a spin-off of The Grawlix Podcast. Hosted by Randal Silvey and Jasper Kidder, GCU is a movie review podcast in which each episode focuses on a double feature of films. Each film is discussed and then the hosts speculate on how the two films could be connected to make their own Marvel-style shared cinematic universe.

The Grawlix Podcast shows are CLEAN LANGUAGE (or at least edited to be so).  We do, however, often discuss mature media and the adult themes that media deals with.

Jesse Kiefer is a webcomics creator, art teacher, puppet enthusiast and long time comic book reader.  His webcomics include Tank-Monkey and Just For Kicks.  What is he reading most of the time?  IDW titles of licensed 80’s properties.

Randal Silvey is a podcast and music producer, freelance audio engineer and anything else that strikes his fancy.  Hear the sweet synthwave tunes he releases as SuperScience, hire him to edit your podcast at and catch all of his doings at  What is he reading most of the time?  Anything Batman, anything Swamp Thing, mostly DC titles.

Melanie Crawford likes to paint and dabble in photography but otherwise remains an internet mystery.  She is the “newest” of the group to enter the world of comic books but devours more issues than the other two hosts combined.  What is she reading most of the time?  Almost anything Image Comics releases.

Jasper Cartoon

Jasper Kidder is a Twitch streamer who gets a kick out of trolling people with better taste in movies than he has. What he lacks in comic book knowledge he makes up for in an unhealthy obsession with the Iron Man film franchise. What is he doing most of the time? Playing video games. Exciting video games? Nope.


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