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Grawlix Podcast Heavy Metal Halloween
Grab your cherry Flying V guitar and crank the dial up to 11 because this year we’re having a heavy metal Halloween! It’s all treats with this head banging horror double feature. We review Trick or Treat (1986) in which a bullied metalhead resurrects his dead rock hero by playing the rocker’s last record backwards. Then it’s on to The ...
GCU AVP Freddy vs Jason
The battle you’ve been waiting for! Alien versus Predator versus Freddy versus Jason. Whoever wins… the viewer loses. Four massive franchises come together as some of horror’s most iconic movie monsters throw down in two less than iconic showdown movies. We kick off the Halloween season with AVP: Alien vs. Predator and Freddy vs. Jason, the double feature we’ve been ...
Grawlix Cinematic Universe #13
Strap on your driving gloves because there are no clean getaways and rules are made to be broken. On this episode we throw it into reverse to revisit a pair of our favorite wheelman movies. First up, Randy’s pick, the Nicolas Winding Refn directed Drive, staring real human beings Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan. Then Jasper’s pick, The Transporter from ...

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