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From Dusk Till Dawn & Four Rooms
Six stories. Four directors. Two movies. Witches, vampires, bellhops. This Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez double feature has it all. And no, it’s not THAT double feature. This episode we discuss the Tarantino penned, Rodriguez directed From Dusk Till Dawn. Then we hop over to the comedy anthology experiment Four Rooms, written and directed by Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell, Robert Rodriguez, and ...
Grawlix Cinematic Universe True Romance and Pulp Fiction
Season Taran3no continues which means more fun movies about despicable characters doing bad things! This time it’s a true Quentin Tarantino double feature. Up first is the Tarantino penned, Tony Scott directed True Romance, starring Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette. Then bust out the surf guitar records and Jheri juice because the 2nd movie this episode is Tarantino’s 2nd movie, ...
The Killing and Reservoir Dogs Double Feature
In all its fury and violence… the Grawlix Cinematic Universe returns for season 3! It’s a double feature of master filmmakers’ early works. We kick off season Taran3no with Quentin Tarantino’s feature length directorial debut, Reservoir Dogs. Before we see the aftermath of the heist, though, we’ve got to see what inspired this caper gone wrong. So we also discuss ...
GCU Outtake: The Greatest Movies Jasper's Never Seen
Randy reacts to the greatest movies ever made… that Jasper has never seen. Some of his reactions may surprise you. While the Grawlix Cinematic Universe is on a between season break enjoy this unreleased outtake from our Season 2 finale in which Jasper lists off a few of IMDB’s Top 100 movies that he has never seen. Randy also announces ...
GCU #20: Extended Cinematic Universe Returns
As another season of Grawlix Cinematic Universe closes, another season finale is born. We look¬†back at GCU #11 – #19 and all 18 movies we reviewed therein and ask… what if? What if instead of mashing up Home Alone and Die Hard we combined Home Alone and Freddy vs Jason? How about Krampus and Die Hard and Drive? Look, it’s ...
Grawlix Cinematic Universe New Year's Special 2019
Happy New Year! For Grawlix Cinematic Universe’s first New Year’s special we recall some of our favorite GCU moments of 2018 including our first recorded moment and nearly dying in a blizzard to make it happen. We also, of course, look to the future and talk about what we’d like to do with the podcast in 2019. Finally, we go ...

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