Just because a literal global pandemic has turned the world upside doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun. In fact, when the majority of us are either responsibly practicing social distancing or in an actual lockdown situation it is more important than ever to not get bogged down by fear and anxiety. Or boredom.

This week we offer up some levity, a bit of seriousness, and a whole lot of recommendations on how we can fill our time as we remain homebound. LIST EPISODE! We run down our top picks of what’s streaming, what we’re watching, and what we’re excited about. Jasper even joins the show! Enjoy!

On a serious note, this is a scary and uncertain time. Fortunately, even with lockdowns and social distancing modern technology allows us to connect with others from the confines of our homes. Take advantage of free video conferencing and chat services if you are feeling lonely and need to talk to friends.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this live stream is one of the only times all four of us have appeared on camera. Even through a webcam, face to face conversation can go a long way. This is one time in which we are all truly in this together.

Originally streamed live March 19th, 2020 via Facebook Live.


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