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Sarah Roark

Cartoonist, violinist, author, activist, awesome. From the After Daylight website: Sarah Roark has spent her adult life careening from one form of uselessness to another, as a classical violinist, folk and rock musician, author for the roleplaying game industry, and now (most regrettably of all) a webcomicker. Her deep scholarly understanding of authentic vampire behavior comes mostly from her time in the freelance trenches at White Wolf, Inc, writing game supplements, novels and short fiction — but she also has extensive experience snarking at vampire properties through the ages, from Varney the Vampire on down to Once Bitten, completely irrespective of how much they actually deserve it. She has recently come home to the birthplace she never had (San Francisco, California), and was thankfully able to drag along her husband Brett and the world’s two coolest cats.

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