New Podcast Coming Soon!

Welcome to The Grawlix Podcast!  The Grawlix Podcast is a new show focusing on comic books and web comics with the occasional detour into Doctor Who and other geek culture media.

We will be posting a new episode every month, each with a feature topic, recommendations, what we have been reading, and our current and all time favorite titles as well as special reoccurring segments.

One such segment will include an in-depth look at the Alan Moore era of Swamp Thing, re-examining a handful of issues each installment from the beginning right to the end.  Then we will slide the focus over to cartoonist/creator guests, host listener polls where YOU tell us what to read, catch up on some classics as we attempt to slim down our “List of Shame”, and more!

And finally, we’ve also opened up a forum section because we LOVE to talk comics and want the community to put their thoughts in too.

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