It is a Doctor Who extravaganza! On this episode of the Grawlix Podcast we celebrate two of our favorite characters in geekdom. A big happy 75th b-day to Batman with a look back at the very first Bat-Man tale in Detective Comics #27 then jump forward in time to the recent retelling in the New 52 special edition. Speaking of jumping in time (and segues), we then shift focus to Doctor Who in anticipation of the new series kicking off this month. We discuss the new Titan 10th and 11th Doctor series and IDW 2013 special. Naturally we had to make the leap to live action with a discussion of “The Five Doctors” 20th anniversary AND “The Day of the Doctor” 50th anniversary specials.  All this and SO much more. More segues, more puns, more funny foods… nearly 3 hours in all!

Show Notes and Links

00:00:00 – Intro
00:05:14 – Britishfest 2014 Experiences, Timey-Whimey Puppet Show, Omaha OSFest 7 Plans & Doctor Who
00:36:36 – Detective Comics #27
00:54:52 – Lunarbaboon  |
IT’S ALL PIZZA aka I Want A Sandwich
01:01:09 – Funny Food, Tropes, and Reboots
01:12:52 – Titan Comics Doctor Who 10th Doctor #1 & 11th Doctor #1
01:41:05 – IDW Doctor Who Special 2013 “The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who”
01:56:43 – Grawlix YouTube Channel Update
02:08:04 – Doctor Who “The Five Doctors” 20th Anniversary Special
02:20:13 – Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special “The Day of the Doctor” & More
02:45:52 – Randy’s Music Album [SuperScience “Redeemer”] & Doctor Who Music
02:51:00 – Outro

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