Déjà vu? No, you are not experiencing a glitch in the matrix. This is indeed a re-post but with good reason. Grawlix Nights, the (formally YouTube “exclusive”) companion podcast to the monthly show, is breaking free from the YouTube binds and escaping onto your hard drives, Mp3 players, and mobile walkie talkers. Exclusivity is for country clubs and we won’t have it! Besides, the holiday season is upon us and everyone re-gifts from time to time.

Truth be told, the Grawlix Nights series has turned out too good to not make available for download and easy listening. During the month of December we will be rolling all three episodes out through the pod-friendly RSS feed, iTunes, Stitcher, and where-ever else one might find the regular podcast episodes. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to these on YouTube you are in for a treat! If you have, what better time to enjoy a fun re-run than during these winter months locked up inside the house?
Here is a recap of the first Nights episode:

In this first episode we learn more about our own elusive co-host, Melanie. Find out about her comic book reading origins as well as some advice on where to start for new readers. We also discuss other Grawlix YouTube shows #InTheFuture and end on some fun “It’s All Pizza” talk.

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