Grawlix Bytes #1: Planet Comicon 2015

Welcome to the first Grawlix Bytes episode! In this new segment we talk about all the usual things BUT in Bytes we get to tackle the more timely topics. Whether it be news headlines that simply won’t wait a month to be discussed or recent comic convention adventures too grand to fit into the regular episodes. Speaking of con adventures…

In this episode Jesse and Grawlix superfriend Holly discuss their visit to Planet Comicon 2015 this past month. Kansas City’s Planet Comicon was a huge event this year with a massive roster of well known guests. Enjoy as Jesse and Holly take you through their whole adventure!

Show Notes and Links

Planet Comicon Website
Visit Holly’s website, Finding Serenity
Hear guest Holly in The Grawlix Podcast #11
Hear Jesse’s 2014 Planet Comicon stories in The Grawlix Podcast #2
Colorblind art teacher

Christian Sager

Stan Sakai

Nerd For a Living (other panel we went to)

Katie Cook

Holly’s Rad x-men Tarot Deck was done by Strange Paper Studios

Mike Horner and the Timey Wimey Puppet Show

Cannons in the Clouds Comic

The Farmhouse (for brunch)

The Westside Local (for lunch)

Quay Coffee (for coffee)

John’s Big Deck (but not during the Big 12 Semi-finals)


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