Grawlix Bytes is back! This time Jesse goes full on nerd rant on some recent news stories including DC’s decision to run half-page ads. Then we are whisked over to this past weekend’s O Comic Con for an interview with super-friend Axton Kahler right from the con floor. Axton is the creator of the Zombie Oaks webcomic and always a delightful guest. Enjoy!

Show Notes and Links

DC to Begin Placing Ads on Story Pages via
What’s New on Netflix: Advertisements via Motherboard
Spider-Man Comic Undoes One of Marvel’s Stupidest Mistakes via Kotaku
Zombie Oaks Webcomic
Axton Kahler/Zombie Oaks on Twitter

Zombie Oaks on Facebook

Tank-Zombie Studios

Tank-Zombie Studios on Facebook

O Comic Con!


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