Grawlix Listens - Recommended Music Listening Playlist

We love music and love to share the things we love with you, random internet citizen, so we put together this Spotify playlist of recommended listening! Honestly, it just sounded like fun. Each of us three Grawlix Podcast hosts picked 8 songs. Not necessarily an all time favorites list, just some good/great/odd music we’ve been enjoying lately and thought you might enjoy as well.

Putting together and arranging this playlist was fun and even a little challenging. You’ll get a little bit of a lot of things and a lot of a few things. These are not grouped together by host so for a bonus no-prize try to guess who picked what songs!

Feel free to comment below or tweet us (@GrawlixPodcast) what you thought of the playlist and any music you’d like to recommend to us! Enjoy!

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