Welcome to the new Grawlix Podcast website! We put a lot of time into some of the fancier (unnecessary) functions so hopefully you will find them useful. We’d like to point out the browse feature. In the menu above on desktop or jump to one of the browse pages here you can select what criteria you’d like to browse by. For example, comic books. You can see the covers of all the comics we’ve discussed or written about! Click on one to view that comic’s page where you can find links to the episodes or articles in which we discussed it.

Also check out the Video page. It features every video from our YouTube channel with our live stream featured at the top of the page. Whenever we are streaming live to YouTube it will be playing on our Video page automatically! Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook with any input on the site or issues you may run into.

Last but not least, this week’s episode is out! We discuss one of Melanie’s favorite comics of all time, the cyberpunk classic Transmetropolitan.

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