Jessica Jones season 2 takes this episode’s feature topic! The G-Crew share their thoughts on the latest Marvel Netflix series and how it compares to season 1 as well as The Punisher season 1. Comic convention season is in swing so Jesse discusses his recent and upcoming comic con adventure, Mel gets con envy and the trio hatch an idea for their own con… but no one is invited! Enjoy!

Show Notes


00:00 – Intro/Greetings


03:08 – Our Newest Patreon Patron – Trinity Mathews
05:07 – Jesse at ConStellation 10 and Facebook Live Video with Underground Inc.
07:10 – Jesse on O! Comic Cast and O! Comic Con
11:14 – Access Patreon Posts on


14:30 – Jessica Jones Season 2


43:42 – Outro

Links Mentioned

Underground Inc Facebook Live Video
O! Comic Con
Twist My Arm Podcast

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