Yippee ki yay, ya’ filthy animal! Whether you’re spending Christmas Eve at home alone or having a blast at the wife’s office Christmas party, we have got a gift for you! Yep, like the overweight home intruder in red, we’ve tiptoed into your house and stuffed your stockings with the quintessential Christmas siege movies. Home Alone (1990) and Die Hard (1988)!

We review each then pitch several versions of a Home Alone / Die Hard shared universe. We also ask the age-old question of whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Will we finally put this question to rest? Probably not. Enjoy!

Show Notes

[skipto time=”00:00″] – Intro/Greetings
[skipto time=”02:16″] – Home Alone (1990)
[skipto time=”23:25″] – Die Hard (1988)
[skipto time=”47:09″] – Home Alone / Die Hard Cinematic Universe

Links Mentioned

Neil and Johnny Drink in the Park

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Home Alone (1990)

Randy - 3.5 Stars

Jasper - 2.5 Stars

Die Hard (1988)

Randy - 4 Stars

Jasper - 3.5 Stars

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