As you may know, season 4 of the podcast is all about horror. So for this episode we focus on one of the most primal fear-inducing scenarios. Being alone. Or rather, thinking you’re alone then realizing that maybe… just maybe… you’re not. What better way to tackle this base fear than with a solo episode? That’s right!

Randy locked the doors, turned the lights down low, took the phone off the reciever (that’s how phones used to work, kids), and watched two movies about being trapped in a creepy place… alone. First up in this spooky double-feature is Last Shift, a film about a rookie cop’s first shift that, unfortunately for her, happens to be the final graveyard shift in an abandoned police station. That’s followed up with Darling (2015) in which a caretaker loses more than just her wits while housesitting the oldest home in New York. Enjoy!

Show Notes

00:00 – Intro/Greetings
02:22 – Last Shift (2014)
20:57 – Darling (2015)
37:16 – Last Shift/Darling Cinematic Universe


Last Shift (2014)

GCU #35: Last Shift & Darling

Randy – 2.5 Stars

Darling (2015)

GCU #35: Last Shift & Darling

Randy – 3.5 Stars

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