While some of the world has begun opening back up (and promptly falling apart) one thing is as true now as it was two months ago when we originally had this conversation… people are going to get bored. During the early weeks of lockdown here in the US, in addition to the usual REACT AT THE NEWS segment of our April 9th live stream we also discussed some of our favorite ways to pass the time. Specifically, puzzle games!

You can hear the first part of the stream here or watch the full video below. In this second part, we run through a rather sizable list of our favorite puzzle-themed video games. Yep, video game talk on The Grawlix Podcast! From classics like Tetris to modern games like Tetris 99 and plenty of non-Tetris in between. Enjoy!

Originally streamed live April 9th, 2020 via Facebook Live.


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