Last week Melanie was off doing Melanie things so it’s just the boys on this live episode. Can they stay focused without Melanie to wrangle the show? Well, a few topics discussed include Ready or Not, Doctor Sleep, Big Finish multiple Master stories, and Angel season 5 so you decide.

For this week’s REACT AT THE NEWS the boys are conflicted on a new Usagi Yojimbo series from Netflix, intrigued by a new horror anthology filmed in quarantine, and confused by NBC’s new streaming service ‘Peacock’. Of course, there is so much more! Enjoy!

Hey, Jesse released a new book! Radapotamus Unleashed is Jesse’s 2nd Tank-Monkey collection. This anthology collects the best comic strip style installments of Jesse’s Tank-Monkey webcomic. Available now on Amazon!

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Originally streamed live July 16th, 2020 via Facebook Live and Twitch.

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THE NEW MUTANTS “Comic-Con Home” Trailer (2020)

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