This week we attempt to build a Frankenstein’s Monster out of Frankenstein’s Monsters. We each watched a Frankenstein related movie or TV show and, joined by Matt D. of 60s Reboot Podcast and Comics With My Kids, collectively try to figure out which Frankenstein is the sexiest.

Unlike last episode’s vampire theme, we each managed to find vastly different takes on ol’ green and stumbly. From a time travel tale involving John Hurt that ISN’T Doctor Who, actual Doctor Who, and 3d printed emo-Franks, we cover a VERY interesting grouping of stories.

We didn’t forget about the news and with DC FanDome happening the previous weekend we have a ton of movie trailers to react at. Jasper of Grawlix Cinematic Universe also joins us to discuss the new Justice League, The Batman, and The Suicide Squad trailers. Plus, John Carpenter pimps the next Halloween movie, a Babysitter-lite Babysitter sequel, and more! Enjoy!

Originally streamed live August 20th, 2020 via Facebook Live, Twitch, and YouTube.

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