Riddle: Who have you heard on the show countless times but has never actually been on the show? Answer: Podcaster, futurist, mythical creature wrangler, and Grawlix superfriend Matt D! Until now, that is!

Matt D. of the the 60’s Reboot Podcast and Comics With My Kids joins the G-Crew to discuss this month’s Poll List pick, Superman American Alien. This Superman Elseworlds-style tale is written by someone who seems to be truly adored by many, Max Landis, with art by multiple artists including Jock, Nick Dragotta, Joelle Jones, Jae Lee and more. Enjoy!

Show Notes


00:00 – Intro/Greetings
4:55 – What’s a Poll List? Next Poll List Pick: Deadly Class


21:16 – Superman American Alien


54:16 – Outro

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