The Grawlix Cinematic Universe, much like Jason Voorhees, simply can’t resist causing trouble when a Friday the 13th pops up on the calendar. Even if everyone thought it was dead. It’s murder-zombie time.

Well, hold on now. For the 4th installment in our Friday the 13th special series Randy is taking a look at the 2009 Platinum Dunes reboot of Friday the 13th and it’s less zombified Jason. The movie, though, might make you FEEL like a zombie. How does this film compare to the previous 11 entries in the series? Will we see another official Jason release any time soon? Can Randy manage to stay upbeat while reviewing this reboot/remake? Take a listen to find out! (Spoilers: Blandly, no, and NO.)

With this special we have not covered EVERY official Jason/Friday the 13th film! Miss our previous specials and Jason episodes? Then you’re missing out on a good time!


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