Trailer talk, movie news, and what we’ve been watching. This episode of our weekly live show is a grab bag of entertainment goodness. We catch up on Rick and Morty Season 5 and Good Omens. Randy and Melanie recommend Shadow and Bone Season 1 and discovered that everyone is right, the animated Harley Quinn series is pretty good!

Randy’s new Who rewatch has taken him into the Chibnall era of Doctor Who. Has The Timeless Child gotten better with time or is it still an infuriating mess? Only Space-Jesus knows for sure.

We also react at the TV & movie news! South Park to get 14 movies. 14?! The first film in a new Exorcist trilogy to drop in 2023. Exorcist trilogy?! HBO Max is going street pusher with free taste to non-subscribers. And James Gunn puts Martin Scorsese on blast… but not really.

Finally, we wrap with some brief reactions to a few trailers including the Y: The Last Man TV series, the gender switched She’s All That remake titled, of course, He’s All That, and KATE. Enjoy!

Originally streamed live August 5th, 2021 via Facebook LiveTwitch, and YouTube.

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