Halloween is nearly here and to celebrate we’re diving into the trashy side of horror. Yeah, it’s Troma time! We’ll take a look at some Troma films that might be light on horror but they are heavy on that toxic Troma goodness. Randy gets romantic with Tromeo and Juliet, Melanie sings the praises of Cannibal: The Musical, and Jesse actually brings the horror vibes with Blood Junkie.

Before all that, though, we discuss a new movie that’s been… how many years coming? Oh yeah, 40 years. Halloween Kills! Does evil actually die tonight… or is the Halloween franchise? For the 11th time. Randy and Melanie also talk about seeing Halloween Kills and John Carpenter’s The Thing at the drive-in.

We are also joined by Paul of Moose’s Monster Mash to talk Troma because not only is he a fan, he also just released an interview with Lloyd Kaufman on his podcast! Enjoy!

Originally streamed live October 21st, 2021 via Facebook Live.

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