The Grawlix Podcast goes to the movies! We kick off the summer blockbuster season with Godzilla and X-Men: Days Of Future Past discussions.  Following up the time travel talk we take a look at the early Doctor Who adventure ‘Planet of the Giants’ featuring the 1st Doctor, 1st TARDIS crew, and a premise that beats ‘Honey, I Shrunk The Kids’ to the punch by roughly 40 years.  Ninjas, pirates, and science humor dominates our webcomics recommendations and this month’s Poll List segment covers the first story arc of the Garth Ennis run on Marvel’s Punisher MAX.

Show Notes and Links

00:00:00 – Future Predictions
00:01:13 – Jesse Battles The Bat
00:03:28 – British Fest 2014
00:04:32 – Free Comic Books Day 2014
00:07:38 – Godzilla
00:28:57 – X-Men: Days of Future Past
Doctor Who
00:53:55 – “Planet of the Giants” 1964 1st Doctor TV Serial
01:09:07 – “The Eternal Summer” Big Finish Audio Play & 5th Doctor Era Discussion
01:13:07 – Ninja and Pirate | Ninja and Pirate Vol. I TPB | Twitter: @ninjaandpirate
01:18:30 – Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal | Twitter: @ZackWeiner
Poll List
01:21:11 – Next Month’s Pick – We3
01:23:34 – Punisher Max TPB Vol. 1: In the Beginning
01:44:24 – Final Thoughts – Trimming Pull List, Alan Moore Hates Grant Morrison, Links
01:52:00 – Final Outro

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