In this installment of The Grawlix Podcast we kick the show off with Jesse’s plans for Free Comic Book Day and some Marvel movie talk before moving on to our webcomic picks.  Jesse recommends Dan Merik’s ‘Ration Riot’ and Randy tells of Vince Dorse’s ‘Untold Tales of Bigfoot’.  In this month’s Poll List segment we discuss Art Spiegelman’s Maus.  Melanie joins the show just in time for the rebooted Swamp Studies segment in which we dig in deep on Alan Moore’s Saga of the Swamp Thing issues #20 – 27.  We wrap up the show with our thoughts on the last issue of ‘The Other Dead’, a quick TV recommendation, and some fun nonsense.

Show Notes and Links

00:00:00 – Future Predictions & Greetings
00:03:47 – Free Comic Book Day
00:10:29 – Marvel Movies
00:18:04 – Ration Riot by Dan Merik
00:24:55 – Untold Tales of Bigfoot by Vince Dorse
Poll List
00:34:53 – Maus: A Survivor’s Tale Vol. I & II
Swamp Studies
01:05:10 – Saga of the Swamp Thing Book 1 (Issues #20 – 27)
Full Page Bleed Out
01:39:27 – The Other Dead #6
01:51:12 – Next Poll List Pick
01:58:06 – Introducing the LETTERS PAGE Email Segment
01:59:52 – TV RECOMMENDATION – Community
02:01:48 – Final Outro

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