Grawlix Nights #1: Origins Revisited [Comic Books, Sci-Fi, Nerd Culture Podcast]

Learn the comic reading origins of digitally reclusive co-host Melanie, hear our various plans for future YouTube shows, and more!

Welcome to Grawlix Nights, a companion podcast to the regular show, exclusively available on the Grawlix Podcast YouTube channel. In this first episode we learn more about our own elusive co-host, Melanie. Find out about her comic book reading origins as well as some advice on where to start for new readers. We also discuss other Grawlix YouTube shows #InTheFuture and end on some fun “It’s All Pizza” talk

Hosted by Randal and Melanie. This is, of course, a clean language show just like the regular podcast. What were your comic book origins? We would love to hear them in the comments section here or on YouTube.

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