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“Take your damn leash and never try to muzzle me again! I’m nobody’s tame wolf, I do this on my own terms!” – The War Doctor

In this second volume of the War Doctor Big Finish continues exploration of the Time War with the legendary Sir John Hurt!The solicit from Big Finish:

Three new battles for the War Doctor.

2.1 Legion of the Lost by John Dorney

In a time of war, every means of victory must be explored. In the Time War, the unthinkable must be thought, and neither side can afford to be squeamish about their methods.

When the destruction of an obscene weapon leads to the Time Lord once known as the Doctor uncovering a secret Gallifreyan initiative, he cannot believe what is being considered.

Should victory be sought at any cost? Or are there worse possibilities than losing to the Daleks..?

2.2 A Thing of Guile by Phil Mulryne

The Daleks are developing a secret weapon on Asteroid Theta 12. It is imperative that their plans are uncovered.

Cardinal Ollistra has her hands full studying the range of ancient and mysterious armaments the universe has to offer, but she makes it a personal mission to investigate the Dalek project.

On this dangerous assignment, there is one particular Time Lord she wants at her side – and he will be accompanying her whether he wants to or not.

2.3 The Neverwhen by Matt Fitton

On an isolated world ravaged by battle, time itself has become a weapon, laying waste to all who live and die there. Arms and technology are in a state of flux – and it seems that everlasting war is their only option.

The arrival of one battered Type Forty TARDIS inside this nightmare offers hope to the combatants trapped within.

But when he discovers the truth, the horrors of the Neverwhen will shock even the War Doctor…

The first set was the vision of Nick Briggs where this set takes us forward from that point with the vision of 3 formidable writers!

After the wonderful reintroduction to the War Doctor in Only the Monstrous now we get to really see the war time intrigue of the War Doctor trying to make the hard choices he can live with and fighting back against the decisions that Gallifreyan high council make which cross the line. Each part of this set we see a separate scheme that the time lords and the Daleks have set in motion to best each other each more appalling than the last. Matt Fitton’s script editing really seems to pull the three parts together very nicely. It’s somewhat clear that each story is written individually but they call back and forth to each other so well that it’s never distracting.

  • Casting continues to be wonderful John Hurt (The War Doctor), Jacqueline Pearce (Cardinal Ollistra) play off one another very well. They make wonderful antagonists to each other.
  • The schemes and devices are very clever and suitably timey wimey. The Neverwhen in particular had some wonderful twists I admittedly did not see coming
  • Very compelling stories, sometimes it can be daunting to listen to a box set but not with these. 3 Discs of story which inspire you to continue on instead of take a break. Not all box sets are created equal but the War Doctor sets have yet to disappoint.
  • This set takes a nice side step of the Daleks of course they are there because well it’s a war with them but we do not spend the whole set listening to Daleks yelling and sometimes that could be seen as a blessing.
  • The Psychic Paper! It makes an appearance which now marks The War Doc as the first to use it!

More of the same doesn’t “seem” like glowing praise but in this case it’s meant as a wholehearted endorsement. In this case more of the same means a perfect score, must listen material, and a whole new standard of excellence. Buckle up because the War Doctor is totally redefining what “more of the same” means.

5 out of 5 stars!

Next month sees the release of Doom Coalition 2 and the start of a new series of Torchwood. April sees The return of the Master and May brings us the 10th Doctor’s Entrance into the Big Finish universe. 2016 is off to a great start for fans of Audio Drama (especially Doctor Who Audio Drama). What upcoming titles or events are you getting excited for?  Let me know what you think in the comments below or by shooting us a message to letters(at)grawlixpodcast.com.

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