Happy Valentine’s Day! On this special episode Randy and Melanie listen and react to audio feedback from Sammie the Sockmonkey. Bad gangster impressions, more childhood fears and listener love on this surprisingly sweet Bytes.  Enjoy!

On a side note: Matt Downs sent us this episode’s listener mail and he was genuinely apologetic for what he felt was an unintentionally disturbing and creepy audio message. I opted to roll with the audio despite his request to retract the clip because while I see why he thought better of it after a second listen I also see what he was trying to do… and I think it was hilarious!

Besides, it gave us something fun to talk about and even though Mel comes across as very sweet this episode (which, of course, she is) you have to go pretty hard to really creep her out! We don’t think Matt is a real life creeper and, honestly, it doesn’t hold a candle to the things Mel and I say when the microphones are off.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody! -Randy

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