As another season of Grawlix Cinematic Universe closes, another season finale is born. We look back at GCU #11 – #19 and all 18 movies we reviewed therein and ask… what if? What if instead of mashing up Home Alone and Die Hard we combined Home Alone and Freddy vs Jason? How about Krampus and Die Hard and Drive? Look, it’s a season finale and things are going to get wacky.

This time around we cut right to the fun stuff. Pitches! Pitches from us and, more importantly, guest pitches! Plus, we make a startling discovery about co-host Jasper. Buckle up, grab the popcorn, and open your mind! Be sure to check out this Season 2 Finale Poll and Stats post for all kinds of extra info about the movies we discussed.

Show Notes

[skipto time=”00:00″] – Intro/Greetings
[skipto time=”04:15″] – Season 2 Double Feature Poll Results
[skipto time=”10:07″] – Jesse Kiefer of The Grawlix Podcast
[skipto time=”16:18″] – Randy’s Quick Pitches Round 1
[skipto time=”19:00″] – Lee Searcey of The Covert Nerd Podcast
[skipto time=”21:39″] – Jasper’s Pitch
[skipto time=”24:50″] – Randy’s Quick Pitches Round 2
[skipto time=”28:36″] – Season 3 Thoughts
[skipto time=”31:30″] – Jasper’s Never Seen WHAT!?

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