What happens when 18 universes collide? A Grawlix Cinematic Universe season finale is born! That’s what! Wait… what?

Every tenth episode of the GCU podcast we look back on the previous nine episodes. Which double feature was our favorite? Which was YOUR favorite? If we could mix-and-match movies from different episodes which would we pair up? Most importantly, what if we could use any of them… or ALL OF THEM in one massive Extended Cinematic Universe? The full list of movies below.

We want your help!

We want to hear your mash-up pitch using any or all of the movies listed below! Send us a message or voice recording of your pitches and we’ll include them on GCU #20!

Season 2 Double Feature Poll

Of the double features we’ve discussed on the podcast this season, which is the best pairing of movies? Not the best episode or even the best movies… but the best DOUBLE FEATURE. Either conceptually or simply the most entertaining to binge back to back.

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We were more in sync this season in terms of star ratings than season 1, with at least one notable exception. Otherwise, we fell in the same wavelength on six movies. For Big, Trick or Treat, AVP, Freddy vs Jason, Crank: High Voltage, and Seven our star ratings lined up. That wasn’t always the case with the largest split of the season being The Birds. I gave it a classic, Hitchcock 5 stars while Jasper rated it 3.

We reviewed some of my absolute favorite movies this season. The top rated movie of season 2 was Se7en, earning 5 stars from us both. Drive clocked in as the second highest with a 5 from me and a 4.5 from Jasper.

Of course, you can’t have some highs without some lows. The Deadly Bees rolled snake-eyes with 1 star from each of us. It earned it! The second lowest? The eternally disappointing AVP: Alien vs Predator with 2 stars all around.

Recurring Actors

In season one of the podcast we had several surprising and notable recurring appearances by actors. Max Von Sydow, for example. Hey, no Max in season 2!? Anyway, this season we had a pair of obvious repeat appearances and a pair that definitely flew under our radar while watching.

Jason Statham

The most obvious being Jason Statham. We hit two Statham lead action flicks in one month, The Transporter and Crank: High Voltage. A Statham double feature?

NOPE! That’s too easy! Especially when The Transporter opens up the possibility to rewatch Drive and Crank: High Voltage paired almost too well with Hardcore Henry.

John Heard

While not the leading man, these two appearances by John Heard certainly sets up the possibility for a fun Big and Home Alone shared universe!

That’s a pretty swag-a-licious house they have there in Home Alone. Maybe that 80s toy money paid off!

Leland Orser

This gentleman has a face that is burned into my mind from his brief but memorable roll in Se7en. That said, when he popped up as the television evangelist in The Devil’s Candy I KNEW who he was. Just couldn’t place how even though we had just watched his rather traumatic Se7en performance at the beginning of the season.

George Christy

This is a double appearance we would have never spotted if not for some Google-fu! I’m glad we did, though, as he pops up in two of the most iconic movies we reviewed this season!

First, he plays Dr. Hasseldorf, a gentleman on the news during one brief scene in Die Hard. Then, in a role that I immediately recalled, he is the guy scraping Somerset’s name off the door in Seven!

You can’t blame us for missing George Christy. Even David Fincher didn’t know who George Christy is!

This’ll Make Money

For you number nerds, here are some box office figures for the theatrically released movies covered in Season 2. May not include movies where such data was not available, such as The Deadly Birds. All based on US data NOT adjusted for inflation.

  • Combined US box office total: $962 Million
  • Highest earner: Home Alone with $285.8 Million
  • Lowest earner: Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale with $236,347
  • Best opening weekend: AVP with $38.2 Million
  • Highest Production Budget: AVP with $70 Million
  • Second Highest Production Budget: Jack(!?) with $45 Million

GCU Season 2 Finale

GCU #20: Extended Cinematic Universe Returns is expected to be released January 28th. This time we actually ARE taking a break between seasons. Won’t be a long one, though! We look forward to hearing everyone’s favorite pairings and any pitches that come our way. Till then… Credits.


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