Season Taran3no continues which means more fun movies about despicable characters doing bad things! This time it’s a true Quentin Tarantino double feature. Up first is the Tarantino penned, Tony Scott directed True Romance, starring Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette.

Then bust out the surf guitar records and Jheri juice because the 2nd movie this episode is Tarantino’s 2nd movie, Pulp Fiction. There is no way our two nerds were going to be able to handle this job on their own so they called in their own Winston Wolfe. That’s right! Jesse Kiefer comes over from The Grawlix Podcast to discuss these early QT films.

This is mushroom cloud laying movie podcast, movie fans!

Show Notes

00:00 – Intro/Greetings
04:56 – True Romance (1993)
41:12 – Pulp Fiction (1994)
1:21:45 – True Romance / Pulp Fiction Cinematic Universe


True Romance

Randy - 4 Stars

Jasper - 5 Stars

Jesse Kiefer - 4.5 Stars

Pulp Fiction

Randy - 5 Stars

Jasper - 5 Stars

Jesse Kiefer - 5 Stars

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