On this live episode, the horror movie monster of the week is doppelgängers, clones, or evil twins. Not DoppelJesse revisits the Moff era of Doctor Who with a look at Rebel Flesh and The Almost People. The less evil twin of Melanie discusses Twinsanity (2018), a movie so entwined in twinness that it also goes by the title of Downward Twin. And podcast not pod person Randy talks about Invasion of the Pod People. An Asylum clone meant to capitalize on 2007’s Invasion which is itself a 4th generation remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Doppel-ception!

Our 100% not doppelgänger hosts also discuss the week’s entertainment news including a Lumberjanes animated series, the continuing saga of movie theater chains, and some totally not-news Justice League Snyder Cut news. Enjoy!

Originally streamed live October 15th, 2020 via Facebook LiveTwitch, and YouTube.

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Jiu Jitsu: Exclusive Official Trailer (2020)

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