It was only a matter of time till we got to them…. PUPPETS! Evil puppets and dolls are this episode’s horror movie monster of the week.

Melanie talks about Chucky’s AI smart assistant makeover in 2019’s Child Play. Jesse discusses the Puppet Master franchise’s first solo character spinoff with Blade the Iron Cross. Randy shares his thoughts on 1978’s Magic, in which Anthony Hopkins has an unhealthy relationship with a puppet and throws out some real Psycho vibes.

The React at the Reboot/Remake segment returns with a vengeance in this week’s entertainment news as a Battlestar Galactica movie may actually happen someday and Tim Burton eye’s an Addams Family live-action TV series. Plus, this week’s #SnyderWatch news has us thinking the Snyder Cut may NOT have actually existed.

Originally streamed live October 22nd, 2020 via Facebook LiveTwitch, and YouTube.

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ARACHNADO Official Trailer (2020)

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