Love, death, robots, dysfunctional superhero families, social commentary, vampires, and the return of the 9th Doctor. We’ve been banging through a ton of good entertainment lately so let’s talk about it!

For the feature segment this episode we focus on Netflix’s Love, Death, and Robots Season 2. A considerably shorter season compared to the animated anthology’s debut outing but sometimes less is more. We’ll discuss each episode and gush about the best of the bunch.

Christopher Eccleston returns as the 9th Doctor, finally! Jesse discusses Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Adventures Vol. 1 from Big Finish. We also discuss Jupiter’s Legacy Season 1, the latest in the indie superhero comics turned mature TV series, as well as what we thought of Invincible Season 1 as a whole.

Melanie shares her thoughts on Netflix’s Castlevania Season 4. Also, Randy and Melanie finally took Jesse’s recommendation from way back and checked out the 2018 social commentary-fueled comedy Sorry to Bother You. Of course, there is so much more so stop reading this and hit play, already! Enjoy!

Originally streamed live May 20th, 2021 via Facebook LiveTwitch, and YouTube.

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