Last week, Netflix debuted “part 1” of Masters of the Universe: Revelation and all the angry fanboys collectively lost their minds. How dare Kevin Smith focus on a guuuurl in their He-man cartoon? How dare they attempt to inject character arcs, world progression, and a narrative that might actually (but didn’t really) have some kind of stakes?

It was a WHITE hot fury that burned quickly. Like, really quickly. By the time we got a chance to chime in with our thoughts on Thursday it seemed everyone was over it. Anyhow, we were just as excited to talk about Masters of the Universe: Revelation as we were to address the rather predictable backlash. Melanie even watched the show and, trust us, she wasn’t too thrilled to watch it.

That’s far from all we discussed, though. Huge news in the world of Doctor Who! It has been announced that both Whittaker and Chibnall are out but when and how much Doctor Who can we expect in the next couple of years? We also discussed Kingdom: Ashin of the North, a special prequel episode to Netflix’s fantastic South Korean zombie horror/political drama series, Kingdom. Plus, See You Yesterday, a tonally odd time travel film that mixes lighthearted teen-centric sci-fi with heavy social commentary. Enjoy!

Originally streamed live July 29th, 2021 via Facebook LiveTwitch, and YouTube.

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