Happy Halloween! It obvious Halloween is a favorite here at Grawlix Podcast. We’re huge sci-fi and horror fans. How could it not be!? And as such, we never miss an opportunity pull our love of Halloween into the show.

Sure, we might do a Christmas episode, New Year’s special, or even Labor Day Patreon episode here and there. Halloween, though, has gotten a special episode EVERY year since we started the podcast back in 2014. From the Full Page Bleed segments and Top 10 Horror Movies list of the “Classic Grawlix” era to the highly produced 2017/2018 Halloween specials and more movie focused recent specials.

This year, with our shift towards weekly live episodes, we’ve even stretched our love of Halloween out over two months! Each week during September and October we featured the Monster of the Week segment. Each host came to the table with a review of a different movie or TV show featuring the week’s monster.

Below you will find links to every Grawlix Podcast Halloween special from 2014 to 2020’s list of Grawlix Nights Monster of the Week episodes. And, of course, we haven’t forgotten about the excellent Grawlix Cinematic Universe Halloween episodes, either!

Not sure which to listen to? The 2017 Halloween Special is our audio drama fan production of the first Swamp Thing story. It is still one of our absolute favorite episodes of all time. Enjoy!

Grawlix of Halloweens Past
The Ultimate Movie Monster... Nicolas Cage!


Monster of the Week!

No Strings Attached - Nights 10/22/2020
Evil Puppets & Dolls
Grawlix of Halloweens Past
Witches and Lumberjacks - Nights 10-8-2020
What's He Building in There? - Nights 10-1-2020
Creepy Neighbors
Nights of the Living Dead – Nights 9/24/2020
Grawlix of Halloweens Past
Creepy Kids
Here Come the Clowns – Nights 9/03/2020
Evil Clowns
Martha Manhunter – Nights 8/27/2020
Frankenstein's Monster
Grawlix of Halloweens Past
Halloween Logo
The Classics! Comic books and more!


Grawlix Podcast #99
Grawlix Podcast #99: New Old, Good Bad Movies


Grawlix Podcast Halloween Special
The Grawlix Podcast Halloween Special 2018


The Grawlix Podcast Halloween Special 2017
The Grawlix Podcast Halloween Special 2017


The Grawlix Podcast #33: Rotten Tornadoes
The Grawlix Podcast #33: Rotten Tornadoes


The Grawlix Podcast #33: Rotten Tornadoes
The Grawlix Podcast #21: Thanks Obamanation


The Grawlix Podcast #33: Rotten Tornadoes
The Grawlix Podcast #9: Oddtober
GCU Logo
2 Movies... 2 Nerds... 1 Cinematic Universe!

Grawlix Cinematic Universe

Our movie review sister podcast! Each episode we review a themed double feature of films before pitching our versions of what a shared cinematic universe of those films would be.

In addition to the Halloween episodes, Season 4 of the podcast was dedicated to horror films and featured three Friday the 13th specials covering the entire original franchise.

Grawlix Podcast Heavy Metal Halloween
Trick or Treat/The Devil’s Candy
Grawlix of Halloweens Past
Alien vs Predator vs Freddy vs Jason
Grawlix Cinematic Universe #33: The Warriors & Murder Party
The Warriors & Murder Party
GCU #32: Halloween 3 and The Guest
Halloween III: Season of the Witch & The Guest
Friday the 13th Special
Friday the 13th Special
GCU Friday the 13th Special Part 2
Friday the 13th Special Part II
Friday the 13th Special Part 3
Friday the 13th Special Part III