This month on the Grawlix Podcast we talked to comic book writer and long time industry author, Robert J. Sodaro. We also reviewed another book by Brian K. Vaughan, who writes not only stuff people like but apparently stuff we love. Specifically Saga which topped the Poll List for the 2nd time in Grawlix history so we reviewed Saga Vol. 2.

On Grawlix Cinematic Universe in August the GCU celebrated the end of it’s first season (yeah, there are seasons now) with an incredible collection of massive mash-up pitches. “King of the Letters Page” Matt Downs, several fellow podcasters as well as Melanie and Jesse submitted guest pitches! Some of these shared universe pitches feature ALL 16 movies GCU reviewed in season one! GCU also goes dark and gritty with reviews of Se7en and Hellraiser. What’s in the box? Turns out, the highest rated movie on GCU thus far!

Grawlix Podcast #73: Interview with Robert J. Sodaro


The Grawlix Podcast is joined by author Robert J. Sodaro! Bob wrote Owlgirls, which we discussed on episode 65, as well as numerous other works ranging from comic books to non-fiction. He is a true storyteller and we had a great time chatting with him in this interview.

Grawlix Podcast #74: Saga Vol. 2


Saga Vol. 2 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples is this episode’s Poll List review. We also discuss the Doctor Who, DC’s Titans and Shazam trailers. Plus Matt Downs hits us with another letter with his thoughts on All-Star Superman and Doctor Who.

GCU #10: Extended Cinematic Universe


The GCU season 1 finale is here and it is massive! We look back on the 16 movies we’ve covered in episodes #1-9. Then we take those 16 movies and combine them in the most unholy of mash-up, fan fiction universe melding movie pitches we could muster. We couldn’t do it alone! This episode features pitches from listeners, fellow podcasters and, of course, us!

GCU #11: Se7en/Hellraiser Cinematic Universe


The Grawlix Cinematic Universe gets DARK with the grittiest and goriest double feature we’ve covered thus far! We review Se7en, the 1995 David Fincher sin-based serial killer classic, and Hellraiser, the 1987 Clive Barker S&M horror classic. Then, of course, we pitch our takes on a Seven/Hellraiser shared universe.

Patreon Exclusive Episodes

As every month we also published several bonus episodes and audio extras for our Patreon supporters. To hear the ridiculously fun and often uncensored patron exclusive stuff consider helping the show by becoming a supporter on Patreon.

This month includes several bonus GCU episodes and outtakes as well as Randy’s continuation of his season 1 Extended Cinematic Universe pitch. Buffy teams up with Egg Shen? Yes! Even non-supporters can listen to that one but it’s only available over on our Patreon page.

GCU #10 Pre-Show [NSFW]
Randy's GCEU Movie Pitch #3 - FREE on Patreon
GCU #11 Pre-Show [NSFW]
GCU #11 Outtake: Show Me Your Papers - Patreon



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